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Meet and Greet 
Tractor Supply Co. 
1810 S. Galena Ave. Dixon, IL.
Saturday, May 18th,10am-2pm
Come out and meet your next best friend. 

When I was on Death Row, scared, alone, and confused, no breeder came to save me. An Animal Rescuer did. Please support your local Rescue.

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We found our forever                homes!
Adopt your next best friend...
If you commit to adopt me, please know I will love you for the rest of my life.  You will certainly see newer models. As I age, my functionality may diminish.  I may need repairs. My color may fade.  I will need maintenance.
The most important thing, the thing most vital to my existence is that you love me unconditionally.  I will make mistakes and seek forgiveness.  I will forget and need reminding.
When you leave me, I will wait with bated breath for your return.  Your days are so exciting!  You're out in the world seeing new things, smelling amazing scents and interacting with your kind.  Please share it all with me, as I only have YOU.
Scratch behind my ears, rub my belly and I will be a rapt audience.  I will be excited for your joys and lick your tears. Forever.
Adoptable Dogs:



I'm so glad to be out of the shelter!  They were very nice to me at Kane County, IL, but I really wanted to be in a Home.  I'd never been socialized and although the shelter was very clean and warm and comfortable, I was still scared.  The staff there there so sweet to me! 

I needed more patient and kind humans like them to help me chip out of my shell.  When I became so stressed I didn't want to eat, Bonafied stepped up to help me. 

I love it here!  It's slow going, but I am becoming more trusting every day.  The food is great!  I get kibble and homemade meat-filled, warm top dressing twice a day.  There's no more "bump, bump, bump" when I'm being petted over my ribs.  I'm fully integrated into the pack and get along with everyone.  I'm still very timid and shy, but am beginning to feel safe asking for attention.  Who knew scratches behind my ears and belly rubs were so awesome?

I'm a little guy, not fully grown yet, but I'll be about 50lbs when I am.  I'm learning to play and trust.  I'm not ready for my Forever Home just yet, but will be in the weeks to come.  If you'd like to meet me...

Please contact bonafied at for more info.

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