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Tractor Supply Co. 
1810 S. Galena Ave. Dixon, IL.
Saturday, May 18th,10am-2pm
Come out and meet your next best friend. 

When I was on Death Row, scared, alone, and confused, no breeder came to save me. An Animal Rescuer did. Please support your local Rescue.

We found our forever                homes!
Adopt your next best friend...
If you commit to adopt me, please know I will love you for the rest of my life.  You will certainly see newer models. As I age, my functionality may diminish.  I may need repairs. My color may fade.  I will need maintenance.
The most important thing, the thing most vital to my existence is that you love me unconditionally.  I will make mistakes and seek forgiveness.  I will forget and need reminding.
When you leave me, I will wait with bated breath for your return.  Your days are so exciting!  You're out in the world seeing new things, smelling amazing scents and interacting with your kind.  Please share it all with me, as I only have YOU.
Scratch behind my ears, rub my belly and I will be a rapt audience.  I will be excited for your joys and lick your tears.
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Adoptable Dogs:



My name is Gertie. I was roaming around with no home for a very long time.  Humans were chasing me and they were not nice!  The experience made me fearful of all humans.  The little ones are okay, they haven't hurt me.

After I was picked up I lived in a warm place with clean food and water, but I was still so very afraid.  I could hear and see other dogs, but I didn't get to play with them.  The humans there were very kind to me, but still, I was afraid.  It's so very hard to trust humans! I left the shelter and found myself inside of a Home!  I didn't know how to act.  There were so many new smells and noises, but the best part; there were friendly dogs!  I was so happy to see them and smell them and play with them for hours.  I was still afraid of the human that brought me here.  You just never know when they might poke you with a needle or try to give you a bath.  I thought I smelled just fine!

I had a big setback when I had to have surgery so I'd never have to raise puppies. Maybe they'd suffer the same fate as I had and not have a home after I took good care of them.

I settled in pretty well, but the human kept putting food in a dish.  It smelled so delicious and I could tell it was warm.  I tried to sneak up on it and swipe bites, but only a few.  I was just too scared.

I was losing weight and I think my human was kinda freaking out.  She cried and begged me to eat, but the dish was so scary!  One night, to my disbelief, she started throwing things at my buddy.  I was horrified!  People had thrown things at me before and I ran away.  They didn't want me around. But my friend was very excited about it.  He caught them in the air and said they were delicious!  I decided to stop letting them bounce off my face before retrieving them from the floor and he was right!  Yum!  Now I can catch them.

My human put warm, delicious food in her paw and let me eat it from there.  My tummy was so happy!  She didn't understand I just don't want to eat out of the scary dish.  So she puts my food right on the floor and I gobble up every bite.  Sometimes I just wish humans could talk to us!  I would have told her right away I was scared of the dish.

Please read Gertie's story. She's a very special girl who will need a very special home. She is not quite ready for adoption yet.

Check back soon for updates on adoptable dogs.

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